About DMAM

About DMAM

Digital Marketing Association Malaysia (DMAM) is here to support professionals in this industry by creating a community where digital marketing professionals can connect with one another and local business owners, sharing ideas, building new relationships, and learning about the latest developments in digital marketing.

Each member of the Digital Marketing Association Malaysia (DMAM) brings a unique vision and insight to the group. Together, we strive to educate, inform, network, and help one another succeed. The open sharing of ideas and strategies is encouraged and supported at all meetings, whether online or offline.

Our Vision:

Digital Marketing is rapidly evolving to become a primary engine of economic growth. Digital Marketers who adapt to new challenges will create new value for their companies and society. Our shared purpose is to accelerate this transformation to the future of Digital Marketers.

Our Mission:

Being A Member of DMAM, Our Goal Is To Enrich You With:


To provide continuous first hand information to all members.


Opening doors for more business opportunities.


As the most complete digital marketers in Malaysia.


To upgrade and grow as a team.

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